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Week of October 14, 2019

Hydration and Electrolyte Replacement in the Winter

Hydration is just as important in the winter as it is in the summer.  Realizing that you are dehydrated when it is cold outside is more of a challenge.  We perspire underneath the layers of clothing that keep us warm in the winter.  Perspiration is absorbed by our clothing and we think we sweat only when it is hot outside.  That is so far from the truth!  When in an industrial setting in the winter months we need to be more aware of hydration.  We tend to drink less and dehydration is less obvious.  We are more prone to accidents in the workplace while operating machinery or working at a job site when we are dehydrated.  Be aware of this possibility and remember that the temperature outside is not as important as the temperature inside of your body.  To combat dehydration, look at the All Natural Sword Electrolyte Replacement products here! 

Battery Smoke Alarms

Battery powered smoke alarms offer an inexpensive and easy way to protect homes that aren’t pre-wired with an interconnected system. The battery power continues to work during a power outage as long as the batteries have been replaced regularly. Battery powered smoke alarms can be installed easily and all models include a test button, power indicator light, battery locking, and low battery warning indicator. 
Choices below include photoelectric smoke alarms with photoelectric sensors which respond faster to smoldering fires, ionization smoke alarms with sensors that respond faster to flaming fires, dual photoelectric/ionization alarms, combination smoke and carbon monoxide alarms that talk, dual alarms with exit lights, alarms with a standard 9 volt battery or a 10 year lithium battery and smoke alarms with hush buttons,  The selection below cover all of the combinations.  Select the type that is the best fit for your application and environment.
Procell Batteries
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Kidde Battery Operated Basic Ionization Smoke Alarm #0915E

Kidde Battery Operated Basic Ionization Smoke Alarm Model 0915E

Regular Price: $9.99
On Sale For: $6.99
Kidde Fire Sentry Battery Operated Smoke Alarm  0914E

Kidde Battery Operated Smoke Alarm Model 0914E

Regular Price: $8.82
On Sale For: $7.96
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