Personal Safety Products

Personal Safety ProductsIn this day and age, personal safety is something that we all think about. We could all use personal safety products to keep us safe.  We want our families, children, workplaces and communities to be safe. It takes a little bit of planning to make sure that we are prepared for the unexpected events that can happen in life.

We carry personal safety products to keep your families protected while they are at home and away.  Our student safety products are ideal protection for life on campus while our handyman safety products keep the man (or woman) of the house safe while doing jobs around the home.  We also have items for self –defense for that extra piece of mind.  

The MedFlash Medical Flash drive can keep all of your medical records in one place conveniently located on a flash drive.   If an accident or sudden illness were to happen, your complete medical history can be easily accessed by any medical professional.