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Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms come in many styles and can be used in many applications.  Following are the types of alarms with a short synopsis of the benefits that each offers. Battery smoke alarms are an economical way to protect a home in order to avoid labor costs associated with the installation of hardwired alarms. Battery alarms are one of the most common types offered for smoke protection today.  They can be powered by  standard 9 volt batteries, Pro Cell batteries, and 10 year lithium batteries.  Hardwired alarms are available for new construction or they can be added to an existing system.  Battery back-up is common among this type.  An ionization alarm is ideal for fast flaming fires, photoelectric alarms respond to smoldering fires, Dual alarms offer protection against smoke and carbon monoxide, and vocal alarms use voice activated commands to warn of fire. Contact us at 866-864-3495 if you need help with your purchase.

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