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Portable Hand Wash

Portable Hand Wash Stations

With the current world pandemic, washing hands is absolutely the most important thing you can do to stop the spread of viruses and bacteria.  These handwash stations can be placed at any location where handwashing is needed when running water is not possible.

Portable hand wash stations and sinks have become so imperative since the outbreak of Covid-19.  Mostly used in the past at military facilities, outdoor fairs, work sites and outdoor sports, handwash stations have now become so prevalent at schools, campuses, supermarkets, medical facilities, etc.  Handwash stations have large capacity so they may be utilized where there is a lot of foot traffic and at entry areas of buildings and facilities. The ability to bring a portable hand wash to people makes it easier and convenient for individuals and helps to stop the spread of germs.  They are very beneficial to work areas which saves time and lessens the spread of disease and illness to the workforce.  The convenience of a portable hand wash is regarded today as a deterrent from the harmful viruses and bacteria that we confront today such as Covid-19, MRSA and other resistant strains of bacteria.