GSA Contract Holder Number GS-07F-0395V 
Select Safety Sales' offers high quality USA made products from six manufacturers; Haws, Speakman, PolyJohn, Cyalume,GoKot, and Varanus. Our products are offered on GSA Schedule 84.  Federal, State and Local Governments can purchase these products at a lower negotiated government price. GSA pricing is not displayed on this page or on the sub pages below.  GSA purchasers may retrieve all information in detail about each GSA product by clicking on any of the five manufacturer's product lists below.

Purchasing any of the GSA products at the GSA contract price is very simple.  Government buyers may call our toll free number at (866) 864-3495 to make a purchase or go directly to  GSA Advantage.  We accept ALL Government Purchase Cards.

Procurement through GSA for State and Local Government buyers can be found here: Cooperative Purchasing
Blanket Purchase Order Information can be found here: Using Blanket Purchase Agreements

Select Safety Sales is a leading supplier of eyewash stations  serving both governmental and commercial sectors.
Cyalume Chemlight Lightsticks Cyalume manufacturesA Faucet Eyewash is ideal for environments where the eyewash is able to be positioned on a sink. This type will keep your workplace compliant while not taking up too much space. There are two styles to choose from: One type easily screws onto the tip of an existing faucet such as the Opti-Klens eyewash and the Haws eye-POD. The other type is a complete unit with the faucet and eyewash combined such as the Speakman SEF-1800. This type will replace your existing faucet. Need help with your decision? Contact us at 866-864-3495! Perfect For The Lab These four lab units are perfect for a laboratory. They are easy to install and won’t take up a lot of space which is ideal for a laboratory environment. There are swing away models that mount on the side of the deck or counter or swing down units that attach to the back of the sink. We also have wall mounted units. Contact us to find the best one for your environment and space! Ideal for Freezing & Cold Environments If your eye wash stations are going to be installed in a cold or freezing environment, the flushing fluid should be heated in order to be ANSI-Z358.1 compliant. This standard requires the flushing fluid to be between 60 and 100 Fahrenheit. Heated eye wash stations are ideal for outdoor areas or cold indoor environments. They keep the temperature in compliance so that workers can comfortably flush the contaminates from the eye for a full 15 minutes.