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Week of October 14, 2019

Hydration and Electrolyte Replacement in the Winter

Hydration is just as important in the winter as it is in the summer.  Realizing that you are dehydrated when it is cold outside is more of a challenge.  We perspire underneath the layers of clothing that keep us warm in the winter.  Perspiration is absorbed by our clothing and we think we sweat only when it is hot outside.  That is so far from the truth!  When in an industrial setting in the winter months we need to be more aware of hydration.  We tend to drink less and dehydration is less obvious.  We are more prone to accidents in the workplace while operating machinery or working at a job site when we are dehydrated.  Be aware of this possibility and remember that the temperature outside is not as important as the temperature inside of your body.  To combat dehydration, look at the All Natural Sword Electrolyte Replacement products here! 


Select Safety Sales' offers high quality USA made products from six manufacturers; Haws, Speakman, PolyJohn, Cyalume,GoKot, and Varanus. Our products are offered on GSA Schedule 84.  Federal, State and Local Governments can purchase these products at a lower negotiated government price. GSA pricing is not displayed on this page or on the sub pages below.  GSA purchasers may retrieve all information in detail about each GSA product by clicking on any of the five manufacturer's product lists below.

Purchasing any of the GSA products at the GSA contract price is very simple.  Government buyers may call our toll free number at (866) 864-3495 to make a purchase or go directly to  GSA Advantage.  We accept ALL Government Purchase Cards.

Procurement through GSA for State and Local Government buyers can be found here: Cooperative Purchasing
Blanket Purchase Order Information can be found here: Using Blanket Purchase Agreements

Select Safety Sales is a leading supplier of eyewash stations  serving both governmental and commercial sectors.

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Haws Eyewashes & Showers

Haws offers a mix of 16 gallon portable and plumbed units for all types of installations. They make the AXION eyewash head that pushes the contaminants away from the lacrimal glands of the eye.  Take advantage of our quantity discounts when ordering on GSA Advantage.  

Haws 16 Gallon Portable Emergency Eyewash Station - # 7500

Haws 7500 Portable 16 Gallon Emergency Eyewash

16 gallon station at a very competitive price! 
Price: $251.94
Haws Portable Eyewash Cart - 9008

Haws Portable Eyewash Cart - 9008

Regular Price: $400.00
On Sale For: $277.87
Haws 8122 AXION MSR Drench Shower

Haws AXION MSR Drench Shower - 8122

Regular Price: $303.00
On Sale For: $211.18

Speakman Eyewash Stations & Showers

Speakman's eyewash stations and safety showers are a very popular option for the military and federal government.  They have a quick turn-a-round time to anywhere in the US and also to any military address worldwide.

PolyJohn Handwash Stations

PolyJohn handwash stations are great for government facilities and the military where plumbed water is not available.  They capture the dirty water and they can be installed in any remote area.  There are single person, 2 person and 4 person units and also a heated unit.  These can be shipped anywhere in the world!  

Go-Kot Sleeping Cots

Go-Kot Sleeping Cots are absolutely the most durable and the easiest cot to set up available today. It is used by the military and for extreme conditions when a portable cot is most needed. Offered in many colors and in 2 sizes.

Go-Kot - Camping Cot For Military & Outdoors

Go-Kot Sleeping Cot

Regular Price: $189.00
On Sale For: $165.00
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