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Safety Flares & Lights

Safety Flares, LED Flares, Helicopter Landing Kits

A road emergency can happen at any time.  Whether you are simply driving in your personal car or working in the areas of law enforcement, firefighting, rescue or homeland security or even marine safety, you need to be equiped with the flare system or road flare that best fits your environment.  Safety Flares in the form of road flares are comprised of a variety of compositions and technologies.

Orion Flares (Pyrotechnic Flares) are known simply as red flares and are commonly used on the side of roads during a vehicle emergency. They are very bright and come with and without a wire stand or spikes. 

Cyalume Sticks, under the Chemlight brand for the Military, Homeland Security, Firefighters and Rescue Workers and the Snaplight brand for commercial and consumer use offer a non toxic, environmentally safe safety flare. This is especially important near any toxic chemicals, combustible materials, gas or oil. 

The Eflare is a battery-operated LED road flare for roadside emergencies or even marine emergencies. They are extremely bright and efficient.  They come in a variety of colors and are virtually indestructible.  You may purchase the Eflare Helicopter Landing Kits also. 
Eflare Two Color Flash LED Flare - Hazmat Flare Flashing Beacon, Model HZ-530
Regular Price: $98.00
On Sale For: $89.00
E-Flare Helicopter Landing Zone Kits - Eflare LED HZ510 Warning Beacons
Regular Price: $705.04
On Sale For: $475.90
Safety Flares- 30 Minute & 20 Minute Emergency Flares
Regular Price: $150.60
Just Reduced: $128.50
Snaplight 12", 12 hour Instant Light Bar w/Hanging Loop
Regular Price: $218.00
On Sale For: $189.90
Triangle Warning Kit
Regular Price: $26.99
On Sale For: $21.58