Germicidal Cabinet

Germicidal Cabinets for EyewearGermicidal UV sterilization cabinets for eyewear are a necessity in schools and school labs.  When goggles and safety glasses are shared, a germicidal UV Sterilization Cabinet designed specifically for eyewear is used. Just hang it up or place on a flat surface and plug it in and you can disinfect up to 40 pairs of glasses at a time in a matter of minutes.  Be ready for the next class of students before they enter the classroom.

Keep reusable eyewear germ and contaminant free by using a germicidal UV Sterilization cabinet that uses a UV sterilizer for eyewear.  UV germicidal sterilization cabinets are an ideal and necessary addition to your safety program when safety glasses or safety goggles are recycled and worn repeatedly by students and staff in classrooms or in any industry that requires the sharing of safety eyewear. The safety eyewear is simply placed in the germicidal  UV Sterilization cabinet for easy disinfecting.  It only takes minutes!  The next time the eyewear is worn, it will be sterilized for the next use.  You can feel confident that germs will not be passed back and forth because they are quickly and efficiently killed by UV light.