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An eye wash station is necessary in all industries that handle chemicals and hazardous materials.  The temperature of the flushing fluid is just as important outdoors as indoors.  Most are concerned about the temperature in the winter going below 60 degrees and not being ANSI compliant, but another concern is the flushing fluid exceeding 100 degrees.  This can happen in industrial areas without air conditioning and outdoors where sun  exposure heats the water to uncomfortable levels.  When installing an eye wash station, take into consideration all seasons and climate changes.

Kidde Smoke Alarm with Hush Button Model 0916E

Price: $11.39
  • SKU: LS0916E
  • Weight: 1.00 lbs

The Kidde 0916E smoke alarm is a battery operated, single station smoke alarm. It is designed to alert you. It features an ionization sensor that protects best against fast flaming and other types of fires. The 0916E smoke alarm is powered by a 9V battery and offers a Hush ® feature that temporarily silences nuisance alarms.


The Kidde 0916E battery operated, single station smoke alarm provides an early warning signal. It operates on a 9V battery power source that provides continuous protection even during a power outage. Easy to install with its twist-off mounting plate that requires no wiring. It includes a Tamper Resist Locking Pin that helps deter battery and smoke alarm theft and a Hush ® control feature that will temporarily silence nuisance alarms. This feature can be useful in the kitchen area or other areas prone to nuisance alarms.


     • Hush ® Feature – Temporarily silences nuisance alarms.

     • Red LED – Flashes every 30-40 seconds to indicate that the smoke alarm is

       receiving power.

     • Test Button – Tests unit’s electronic circuitry, horn, and battery function.

     • Battery Operated (9V battery included) – Protects even during power outages.

     • Tamper Resist Locking Pin – Helps deter from theft or tampering.

     • Low Battery Indicator – Smoke alarm will chirp in the event of a low battery.

     • Twist-Off Mounting – For fast installation and easy, safe battery replacement.  

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