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SOK Non-Toxic, Non-Lethal Defense Spray

SOK Non-Toxic, Non-Lethal Defense SpraySOK is a Non-Toxic, Non-Lethal Spray Gel Used For Self Defense, Crowd Control, Discouraging Climbing and Much More.  It is a Water-Based Biodegradable, Non-Hazardous Defense Spray Gel That Can Be Used Without Environmental or Health Concerns. Made in USA.


SOK self defense spray is a non-toxic pepper spray alternative that is safe and has no lasting side effects.  SOK is water-based and biodegradable and made out of food grade materials that can be used without environmental concerns with no collateral damage to others.  It has a shampoo like formula causes temporary eye irritation that makes it the best pepper spray alternative.  SOK is used for self defense, crowd control, discourages climbing and makes it very difficult for a person to even hold a weapon in their hand because of its slippery properties.   One can say this is a super pepper spray alternative because of its lubricity.  Deploying SOK on the floor or ground makes standing very difficult. 

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