Fall Protection

Fall Protection for Workers is one of the most frequently Cited Standards by OSHA
According to the United States Department of Labor falls were the leading cause of death on construction sites in 2013.  Out of 796 total deaths in construction, 294 were caused by falls. Events surrounding these types of accidents often involve a number of factors, including unstable working surfaces, misuse or non-use of fall protection equipment and human error.

A Fall Protection Plan can Help to Keep Workers Safe by Preventing Injury and Death from Falls

Studies have shown that the use of a site specific fall protection plan, guardrails, personal fall arrest systems, safety nets, covers, travel restriction systems and a fall protection rescue plan all can help to prevent many deaths and injuries from falls.

Provide the Right PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) in case an Employee Falls on the Job
Safety Lanyards, Safety Harnesses and Self-Retracing Lifelines are all integral parts of a safety program to prevent falls  Supplying this safety equipment to employees is a small price to pay in comparison to the cost associated with injuries that can happen on the job without it.  If a fall occurs, this type of equipment will help to “halt” its momentum.