Self Retracting Lifeline

A Self Retracting Lifeline is a connecting device that connects the safety harness to the Anchorage (tie off point)/Anchorage Connector.  It is a critical component in the personal fall arrest system. A Self Retracting Lifeline bears the brunt of the total force of the fall. If the fall distance is under 18-½ feet, always use a self retracting lifeline instead of a lanyard. They require less than two feet to arrest a free fall and a shorter arresting distance and shorter distance activation.  They also allow mobility while working because of their expansion and contraction feature.

It cannot be emphasized enough that the components in a personal fall arrest system must be chosen wisely, inspected before each use and maintained properly.  Always check a lifeline before each use and make sure that there are no loose fasteners or damaged parts.  Be sure to test the retraction by pulling it out and making sure that it retracts back.  Also, be sure that the brakes engage and that there is no slippage.  Carefully Inspect the cable or webbing to be sure that there is no damage. If there is any sign that the unit is not operating properly with the retraction or the brakes or wire/ webbing, do NOT use the equipment.  Each component in the personal fall arrest system has to be in good working condition in order to protect you in a fall.