Safety Lanyards

Safety Lanyards are a critical part of a Fall Arrest System.  They are the critical link between the Anchorage/Anchorage Connector and the safety harness worn by the worker.  There are regular and shock absorbing types.  The shock absorbing type should be the piece of equipment of choice for fall protection because it best reduces the force on the body in a fall. Choose the type and material that will best meet the type of work and the elements that workers are exposed to on the job.  Nylon and polyester would be a good choice if there is exposure to chemicals on the jobsite whereas vinyl coating would protect against liquids.  You can choose one that is combined with a cross arm anchorage where the two components of the fall arrest system are combined into one piece of equipment.

A Safety Lanyard needs to be inspected before each use for frays, cuts or anything that could compromise the integrity of the material. This includes chemical and heat damage.  They also need to be properly maintained and replaced when necessary. At fall distances over 18-1/2 feet you can use any type of safety lanyard including a shock absorbing lanyard or a self retracting lifeline.  At distances under 18-1/2 feet only use a self retracting lifeline.