Thermostatic Mixing Valve

Thermostatic Mixing Valves keep your eye wash station and emergency shower at the required ANSI temperature between 60º - 100ºF.   A thermostatic mixing valve blends hot and cold water together which are used for eyewash stations, deluge showers and combination showers so the outlet temperatures are safe and prevent scalding from hot water and keeps the temperature above 60 degrees.

Thermostatic mixing vales ensure that when flushing equipment is used, the injured person stays in position for the 15 minute time needed to flush or wash off the contaminant, chemical or particles that are causing damage to the eyes or body.

Stay Compliant With ANSI Z358.1-2014 By Keeping Flushing Fluid Between 60 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

When choosing a thermostatic mixing valve, take into consideration which eye wash station you need first and then determine the appropriate mixing valve to purchase.

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