Plumbed Eyewash

Plumbed Eyewash Station

Plumbed Eyewash Stations are for facilities that want a permanent installation that installs to the hot and cold water lines and drainage of a building.  Plumbed eyewash stations require very little maintenance as they only need to be flushed every 2 weeks.  They are always ready to be deployed with a simple push of the lever.  They will flow for a minimum of 15 minutes as required by ANSI Z358.1.

Plumbed Eyewash Stations come in various styles so it is easy to fit your facilities needs. They are made with materials such as ABS plastic or stainless steel, and they are offered as a plumbed eyewash or an eye/facewash.  There are wall mounted units, free standing pedestals and styles that can be attached to an existing sink or existing faucet (faucet mounted eyewash). Visit our eyewash resource page for more information.


Speakman SEF-9000-TW Eye Wash With Service Sink Faucet and Thermostatic Valve
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