College Safety & Survival Tips

College Safety & SurvivalTake an active role in keeping yourself safe on your college campus.  Adhere to these college safety and survival tips in order to feel safe and secure while away at college.  It's a great idea to purchase a college survival kit and have all of your safety items in one place.  Our team at Select Safety Sales has put together some college safety and survival tips and products to make your stay at college a safe one.

Think Of Safety Before Applying To Colleges:
  • Research the schools that you are interested in applying to and obtain the college safety statistics for each school.
  • Visit Campus Security on the US Department of Education's website to get important information on college safety.  There you can find answers to your questions about the safety of these colleges.

Safely Traveling Back And Forth To College:

  • Have an auto safety kit and first aid kit in your car in case of a roadside emergency. 
  • Keep your cell phone with you while traveling so that you could call for help in case of emergency.

Before Moving Into Your College Dormitory Or Off-Campus Apartment:

  •  Inspect the dormitory room or off-campus apartment for carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms.  If alarms are not present, be sure to install them.  If smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are present, test the alarms to make sure that they are working. 
  • Check to see if there are sprinkler systems installed or other safety measures that will ensure your safety in case of a fire.

After You Have Settled Into Your New Living Quarters:

  • Be sure to participate in fire drills and adhere to guidelines for evacuation when a fire alarm sounds. 
  • Never ignore the sounding of a fire alarm.  Even if there have been other false alarms, still take each and every alarm seriously. 
  • Have a plan ready in advance of outlining what to do in case of a fire or emergency.  Don’t wait until an emergency arises to make your college safety plan.  It is already too late! 
  • If you reside in a level above the first floor, purchase a fire escape ladder to ensure that you can escape in case of fire or emergency. 
  • Check electrical outlets for overheating. 
  • Do not overload outlets. 
  • Purchase power strips with an over current protector that will automatically shut off if too much current is being drawn. 
  • Purchase appliances such as irons and coffee pots with automatic shut off features. 
  • Use fire proof mitts and pot holders for cooking. 
  • Keep candles away form curtains and other linens. 
  • Have an ABC fire extinguisher installed within ten feet of the kitchen.

Take Extra Precautions When You Live In Off-Campus Housing:

  • 79% of fatalities from fires at colleges occur in off campus apartments compared to 12% in dormitories. 
  • Be extra diligent in making sure that fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are installed and working to be safe in your college apartment.
  • Be safe in a black out - Cyalume Light Sticks are a safe alternative to candles because they don't need fire to produce light. 

Have Your Own College Safety Items Readily Available:

  • Don’t rely on others for your safety.  You are ultimately responsible for your safety while away at college. 
  • Have your own first aid kit and college survival kit in case of emergency. 
  • If you are going to a college in a different part of the country, be sure to know the weather condition that you might encounter in your new environment.  A hurricane, blizzard or tornado could leave you stranded in your room or apartment for a few days unexpectedly. 
  • Be prepared with a college survival kit that contains the necessary items that could sustain you in case of an emergency.  Purchase a college survival  kit with an emergency water supply.  There are kits to choose from that have water contained in small  pouches.  These are convenient given the space constraints in most dorms and apartments. All necessary safety items are stored in one small compact case readily available for you at all times.

Be Safe When Walking Alone On Campus:

  • Arm yourself with mace or pepper spray if you walk alone to class. 
  • Know your surroundings at all times.  Be aware! 
  • Attach a personal alarm to your key chain that can be sounded if someone is following you. 
  • Try to stay in a group.
  • If jogging at night, be sure to wear reflective clothing so that motorists can see you. 

Adhere To A Buddy System While Away At College:

  • Let at least one person know where you are going and who you are going with. 
  • It can only help if friends keep a watchful eye out for each other. 
  • If you are in an emergency situation and don’t come home, at least someone will “miss” you and be able to alert the authorities.

One Final College Safety Tip:

Put the word ICE (In Case of Emergency) into your phone with a parent or guardian name programmed with this code.  The authorities know to look for this code in case an emergency occurs and they need to get in touch with a relative.  Enjoy yourself while away at college and keep yourself safe.  Be aware of all the safety precautions that you have available to you.