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An eye wash station is necessary in all industries that handle chemicals and hazardous materials.  The temperature of the flushing fluid is just as important outdoors as indoors.  Most are concerned about the temperature in the winter going below 60 degrees and not being ANSI compliant, but another concern is the flushing fluid exceeding 100 degrees.  This can happen in industrial areas without air conditioning and outdoors where sun  exposure heats the water to uncomfortable levels.  When installing an eye wash station, take into consideration all seasons and climate changes.

Amerex Carbon Dioxide Extinguisher w/ Wall Bracket

5B:C Rating, 5 lbs Capacity

Regular Price: $173.20
Starting at: $151.60
  • SKU: A61322
  • Weight: 14.00 lbs
Amerex Carbon Dioxide Extinguisher

10B:C Rating, 10 lbs Capacity

Regular Price: $231.97
Starting at: $220.37
  • SKU: A61330
  • Weight: 29.00 lbs
Amerex Carbon Dioxide Extinguisher

10B:C Rating, 20 lbs Capacity

Regular Price: $335.74
Starting at: $318.95
  • SKU: A61332
  • Weight: 51.00 lbs
Amerex Carbon Dioxide Extinguisher

Hazardous Materials Charge

Price: $27.50

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Fire Extinguisher Hazardous Materials Shipping Charge
The Amerex Carbon Dioxide Extinguisher is designed for Class B fires.  The CO2 which is a clean, odorless gas eliminates the fire by smothering it in a white cloud of "snow", eliminating the oxygen.  This electrically non-conductive extinguisher is effective on flammable liquids and is ideal for hospitals because it meets necessary medical equipment requirements.  This durable extinguisher has a five year warranty, made of rust free aluminum cylinders, coated in high gloss polyester powder paint. 
  • Temp range: -22º F - 120º F
  • Large loop, stainless steel pull pin
  • Rust free aluminum cylinders
  • Metal valve
  • USCG approved
  • Easy to clean
  • Bi lingual labels

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