Handyman Safety

Stay Safe While Working Around the Home

If you are a DIY (Do it Yourselfer) or are involved with a DIY, you will appreciate the handyman safety supplies that we have put together to stay safe while working around the home.   It’s always better to be prepared with the right supplies before starting a project.

Avoid Trips to the Emergency Room
Many unnecessary accidents and trips to the emergency room happen while someone is doing simple projects around the home.  Having the necessary safety supplies on hand can make a job around the house a whole lot easier – and safer!

Each Project Has its Own Hazards
- Be Prepared!

Even doing simple projects around the house has the potential to cause long term problems if the right safety supplies are not worn by the handyman.  For example, a leaf blower is loud enough to damage the tiny cells in the ears. Continuous damage to these tiny cells can cause hearing loss.  By simply wearing earplugs while blowing leaves, hearing loss can be prevented.