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Week of May 20, 2019

When it comes to understanding body armor there can be confusion over which type of body armor protects against which type of ammunition.  Understanding the NIJ 0101.06 armor protection levels is clearly explained.  The term "Bullet Proof" is a widely used term that is inaccurate and paints a picture that it cannot be penetrated.  Any body armor has the potential to be penetrated.  There are various levels of protection that must be adhered to in the law enforcement world.  The (Justice Technology Information Center) JTIC Understanding NIJ 0101.06 Armor Protection Levels is a snapshot of the projectile threats and classification of body armor related to these threats.  Here is NIJ complete info on Body Armor

Sellstrom UV Germicidal Cabinet With 5 Minute Timer for Safety Glasses and Goggles - Model 2000

Sellstrom UV Germicidal Cabinet With 5 Minute Timer for Safety Glasses and Goggles - Model 2000

Price: $719.00
Includes Lamp & Ballast
  • SKU: 90494
  • Weight: 78.00 lbs
  • Width: 34 in
  • Height: 26 in
  • Depth: 11 in
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Replacement Ballast for Cabinet

Regular Price: $119.29
Just Reduced: $109.00
  • SKU: 90481
  • Weight: 10.00 lbs

Replacement Lamp for Cabinet

Regular Price: $89.50
Just Reduced: $79.59
  • SKU: 90482
  • Weight: 5.00 lbs

The Sellstrom Safety Eyeglass and Goggle UV Germicidal Cabinet is made in the United States and uses ultraviolet light to disinfect your safety eyewear for your workers with an average kill rate of 99.2% in 5 minutes.  The germicidal cabinet can be mounted on a wall or placed on a shelf includes a five minute timer to shut off the UV Germicidal Cabinet after use.  It has 8 shelves to fit up to 48 pairs of safety glasses.  

  • Average kill rate of 99.2% 
  • Pilot light indicates UV lamp is in use
  • Includes lamp and ballast  (Just plug it in and you are ready to go)
  • Cabinet is made of 24 gauge steel
  • UV light shuts off when double doors are open
  • 8 shelves for safety glasses or safety goggles
  • 5 minute timer
  • Doors interlock with tamper resistant latches
  • Two keys provided to lock germicidal cabinet
  • Wall or shelf mounted with 7 foot grounded electrical cord
  • No direct UV radiation escapes from cabinet when in use
  • Cabinet measures 32" H x 24-1/2" W x 9-1/2" D
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