Class 2 Vest

Class 2 Safety Vest

A Class 2 Safety Vest provide a relatively high level of visibility in moderately high risk environments. Class 2 is the middle level of protection. They are used in environments that are higher risk than where Class 1 vests are required but not quite as risky as where Class 3 Vests would be needed. Class 2 Safety Vests were first defined in ANSI-107-2004 which was updated to ANSI-107-2010.
Other Types of Safety Vests
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Class 3 Vests
Mesh Safety Vests


Class 2 Safety Vests Require:
    • 775 square inches of fluorescent background fabric
    • 201 square inches of reflective material 
    • Minimum width of reflective material is 1.375 inches

Examples of Occupations Where Class 2 Vests Would be Used:

    • Workers Working on Railways
    • Crossing Guards
    • Highway Toll Personnel
    • Ground Crews at Airports
    • Police Directing Traffic