How to Use Kidde’s Fire Escape Ladder

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Kidde Fire Escape LadderHaving a fire escape ladder available for you and your family is a smart idea.  This simple device could very well be your last chance for escape in a fire.



There are two lengths to choose from when you purchase your fire escape ladder.

Model KL 2S
Not to be used from heights greater than 14 feet
Model KL 2S
Not to be used from heights greater than 26 feet

Carefully review the directions included with your fire escape ladder so that if the need should arise to use it in an emergency, you and your family will be familiar with the device.


  • Measure the length and width of your windows to be sure that they are the proper dimensions to safely use your fire escape ladders in an emergency.


  • The minimum width of the escape window for use of the fire escape ladder is 16 inches.


  • The maximum thickness of the escape window opening is 11 inches.


  • Open the packaging for the fire escape ladder and practice mounting the ladder on your window. (see steps for mounting below) Be careful not to pull the release strap and deploy the ladder in a practice situation. The product is packaged to properly deploy only in an actual emergency.


These are the steps to take when using your fire escape ladder in an actual emergency situation when all other exits are unavailable for your escape in a fire:


  • Close all doors in the room before opening the window that will be used for the fire escape ladder.  Otherwise you could intensify the fire.


  • Open attachment hooks and extend center support.


  • Attach the white ends of the hooks to the inside wall.


  • The red side of the hooks must be outside the window.


  • Pull release strap to deploy the fire escape ladder.


  • Hold attachment hooks to provide stability as you exit the window and step onto the fire escape ladder.


  • As you descend the fire escape ladder, keep your body as close to the ladder as possible in order to maximize stability


  • During a family escape, the parent should exit first in order to stabilize the fire escape ladder for children and older adults.


  • Be careful not to break glass in adjacent windows when descending the ladder.


  • A good place to store the fire escape ladder is in a closet or under a bed near the window where it can be easily reached.
Use the fire escape ladder as the last resort when all other options are not possible.  Feel secure that if all other measures have failed, your fire escape ladder will give you and your family the extra protection needed in a fire.  It will help to get you out-ALIVE.

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