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Week of October 14, 2019

Hydration and Electrolyte Replacement in the Winter

Hydration is just as important in the winter as it is in the summer.  Realizing that you are dehydrated when it is cold outside is more of a challenge.  We perspire underneath the layers of clothing that keep us warm in the winter.  Perspiration is absorbed by our clothing and we think we sweat only when it is hot outside.  That is so far from the truth!  When in an industrial setting in the winter months we need to be more aware of hydration.  We tend to drink less and dehydration is less obvious.  We are more prone to accidents in the workplace while operating machinery or working at a job site when we are dehydrated.  Be aware of this possibility and remember that the temperature outside is not as important as the temperature inside of your body.  To combat dehydration, look at the All Natural Sword Electrolyte Replacement products here! 

Haws 37 Gallon Portable Stainless Steel Eyewash Tank With Body Spray - 7601.37

Haws 37 Gallon Portable Stainless Steel Eyewash Tank With Body Spray - 7601.37

Regular Price: $6,102.00
On Sale For: $4,121.81
  • SKU: 7601.37
  • Weight: 120.00 lbs
Haws 7601.37- 37 Gallon Portable Stainless Steel Eyewash Tank With Body Spray

Haws Eyewash Station Cart

Regular Price: $277.87
On Sale For: $263.98
  • SKU: 7601.379008
  • Weight: 125.00 lbs
Haws 37 Gallon Eyewash and Body Spray is a Stainless Steel Tank Eyewash that meets the ANSI Z358.1 Standard.  This 37 gallon pressurized eyewash and body spray is used where exposure to chemical spills and eye hazards in isolated areas is possible.  The portable tank style eyewash station is ideal for many emergency situations because of its ease of portability.  Haws Model 7601.37 combines the use of twin Soft-Flo™ eyewash heads with a Feather-Flo® face and body-spray head.  It also has a 6 foot hose to be used when the need arises to spray a chemical or substance off of the body.
 Government Buyers Call 1-866-864-3495  

  • Meets the ANSI Z358.1 standard
  • Features a 37-gallon ASME rated stainless steel tank.
  • Protective measures include: air pressure gauge, pressure relief valve, tire-type air fill valve, and bacteriostatic additive that permits storage of water for up to six months.
  • Uses optional 9008 cart for site transport.
  • Includes a 6-foot hose that extends the body-spray reach increasing the unit’s protective capabilities.
  • Measures 60" in height and 27" deep.
  • Fill tank with water to an inside height of 27-5/8", and pressurize tank to 100 psi.
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