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R&B Fabrications, Inc.

R&B Fabrications, Inc. manufactures the highest quality products of its kind and are made in the United States in the state of Ohio. For over 40 years they have prided themselves on quality and using the most durable materials. the cost of the products is higher than most but they are well worth it. You will get a product that with last.

R&B Fabrication manufactures the following emergency bags and equipment:

    • Bicycle Panniers
    • Disaster Supplies
    • Stretchers
    • EMS Bags & Backpacks
    • Fire Equipment & Backpacks
    • Fire Equipment & Tool Bags
    • Firefighter Gear Bags
    • Hip Kits
    • Hosepacks & Straps
    • Ladder Boot/Skull Saver
    • Leatherman Tools 
      • Military Tactical Bags
      • Oxygen Bags
      • Pacific Coast EMS Bags
      • Patient Handling Equipment
      • Personal Bags & Accessories
      • Radio & Pager Cases
      • Rope Bags
      • SCBA & Gas Mask Bags
      • Ladder Boots
      • Trauma Supplies