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Week of April 22, 2019

Drones for military use are an effective means of surveilance of an area that is unsafe and also a great way to avoid casualties.  When it comes to OSHA, the use of drones is becoming more of a reality!  Initially they were being used following worksite accidents and for areas that were considered too dangerous to enter.  But now it is becoming an efficient way to scope out a facility for inspection.  Currently OSHA can only use drones when it is agreed to by the employer.  There is a fine line that OSHA or any organization should not cross so that its trade secrets cannot be compromised.  Unless an emergency warrants the use of a drone or an employer agrees to the use of a drone during an inspection, then that strategy should be acceptable.  Drone use is going to increase dramatically in the very near future.  It just depends on how far the reach goes.  When used as a helpful tool to help save lives and used as the first line of access to a hazardous situation, it can only benefit everyone.  But there needs to be a rules so that rights are not violated.  Read more in EHS Today about OSHA Drones.

Sqwincher Corporation Hydration Products

The Sqwincher Corporation sells Sqwincher hydration products to keep industrial workers safe while working in hot environments. The company is located in Columbus, Mississippi and opened its doors for business in 1975.   Their product line consists of electrolyte beverages,  Sqwincher squeeze pops, powder and liquid concentrates, energy shots and electrolyte chews which provides an individual with the hydration and electrolyte balance that their body needs both easily and quickly.  It offers maximum hydration exactly when it’s needed due to it isotonically formulated formula.   All of this comes with a great taste and many choices available.  Select Safety Sales sells the Sqwincher product line to many industries where working outside in the heat is part of the job.  The Sqwincher Corporations’s  Sqweeze Pop happens to be a favorite in the construction industry by keeping  whole crews of workers hydrated, safe and happy in the summer heat.   If you need help with your Sqwincher purchase, give us a call at 866-864-3495 or chat online 

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