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Week of May 20, 2019

When it comes to understanding body armor there can be confusion over which type of body armor protects against which type of ammunition.  Understanding the NIJ 0101.06 armor protection levels is clearly explained.  The term "Bullet Proof" is a widely used term that is inaccurate and paints a picture that it cannot be penetrated.  Any body armor has the potential to be penetrated.  There are various levels of protection that must be adhered to in the law enforcement world.  The (Justice Technology Information Center) JTIC Understanding NIJ 0101.06 Armor Protection Levels is a snapshot of the projectile threats and classification of body armor related to these threats.  Here is NIJ complete info on Body Armor

Ergodyne Work Gear

Ergodyne is a pioneer and a leader in the development of gear for worker comfort, safety Ergodyne Work Gearand productivity. Ergodyne has an ever-growing line of specialty products ranging from high-visibility clothing to supports and precision purpose gloves.  Ergodyne's Proflex precision gloves, knee and elbow pads, back supports, wrist supports, wraps and sleeves along with it's chill-Its collection of warming and cooling wearables, Glow Wear High-visibility vests, Worksmart bags and Squid lanyards are all top quality products designed for the demanding workplace.

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Ergodyne 8385 Class 3 All Weather Jacket

Ergodyne Class 3, All Weather 4 in 1 Jacket - 8385

Regular Price: $159.00
On Sale For: $138.00
Ergodyne 8210HL Class 2 ANSI 107 Economy Mesh Vest

Ergodyne Glowear Class 2 Economy Vest, 8210HL

Regular Price: $11.64
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Ergodyne Glowear Class 2 Surveyor Vest- 8250Z

Ergodyne Glowear Class 2 Surveyor Vest, 8250Z

Regular Price: $30.24
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godyne 8230Z ANSI Construction Two Tone Safety Vest

Ergodyne Glowear Class 2 Two-Tone Vest, 8230Z

Regular Price: $25.18
On Sale For: $18.89
Ergodyne 8310HL Class 3 Mesh Safety Vest Hook & Loop Closures

Ergodyne Glowear Class 3 Economy Vest, 8310HL

Regular Price: $20.14
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Ergodyne 8020HL Non ANSI Mesh Safety Vests

Ergodyne Glowear Standard Reflective Vest, 8020HL

Regular Price: $7.80
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