Sword Performance Hydration Drinks

SWORD Performance Drinkable PPE

Sword Performance hydration beverages are your edge to combat heat stress and fatigue in hard work environments. There are 2 products, one called SWORD® and the other called SHIELD®.  Formulated specifically to improve hydration and fight fatigue, SWORD® and SHIELD® are refreshing hypotonic carbohydrate-electrolyte beverages with a small natural ingredient list but packed with big performance benefits.

Both Contain All Natural Ingredients: No Colors, No Artificial Flavors, No Artificial Sweeteners, No Artificial Preservatives

SWORD® - SWORD is Performance Hydration when sweating excessively, physically working hard or in a hot environment.  It is recommended for conditions and activity that are intense or extreme such as emergency response, firefighting, working in steel mills, construction and anywhere else where the depletion of electrolytes can cause physical and mental weakness, disorientation and other issues caused by dehydration.

SHIELD® - SHIELD is formulated differently from SWORD in that is needed for when you are thirsty, when you are relaxing or performing light activity and/or in a temperature-controlled environment.  It is intended mainly for electrolyte maintenance.