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Tactical Vests - NIJ Certified

Tactical Vests by Varanus are high end NIJ Certified Body Armor. There are 4 options of Ballistic IIIA Panels, accommodate Level IV Hard Armor Plates. Made in the USA.


Varanus NIJ Certified Tactical Vests come in a few options out of the box but can be customized for organizations that require specifications particular to their needs and application. Again, these tactical vests are made in the USA and at a price point that make them the best option today when compared to all of the competition. The soft armor options that go into the tactical carriers below are available in 4 different thicknesses.  Ballistic IIIA panel areal density PSF (Pounds per Square Foot) come in 4 options, Enforce-1.55 PSF, Defiant-1.23 PSF, Fusion-1.17 PSF and Themis-.87 PSF.  Tactical Vests manufactured by Varanus Tactical are manufactured in the United States and are NIJ0101.06 Certified.