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Week of April 22, 2019

Drones for military use are an effective means of surveilance of an area that is unsafe and also a great way to avoid casualties.  When it comes to OSHA, the use of drones is becoming more of a reality!  Initially they were being used following worksite accidents and for areas that were considered too dangerous to enter.  But now it is becoming an efficient way to scope out a facility for inspection.  Currently OSHA can only use drones when it is agreed to by the employer.  There is a fine line that OSHA or any organization should not cross so that its trade secrets cannot be compromised.  Unless an emergency warrants the use of a drone or an employer agrees to the use of a drone during an inspection, then that strategy should be acceptable.  Drone use is going to increase dramatically in the very near future.  It just depends on how far the reach goes.  When used as a helpful tool to help save lives and used as the first line of access to a hazardous situation, it can only benefit everyone.  But there needs to be a rules so that rights are not violated.  Read more in EHS Today about OSHA Drones.


If you need a flashlight for your workplace, we carry a large assortment at Select Safety Sales.  We have flashlights for you to use in your facility or for you to use out in the field.    We carry industrial, LED and many more types to fit all of your needs.  There are different ones to choose from depending upon where and how they will be used in your workplace.  Browse our selection below and if you have a question or do not see the one that you are looking for, give us a call at 866-864-3495 or contact us through online chat.

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Flashlight Buying Guide

When purchasing a flashlight, you need to consider:

How bright does the light need to be?
Incandescent Krypton, Halogen and Xenon lights are brighter than LED lights.  Halogen has a longer life than Xenon. They both have an extremely bright light and are more efficient than regular bulbs but they produce heat so the bulb does not last as long with this type of light.

How durable does the flashlight need to be?
LED’s are extremely durable and long lasting and they do not require periodic replacement like a Halogen or Xenon light would.  An LED could last up to 100,000 hours.  A flashlight with incandescent light is not as durable as a flashlight with LED light.

How wide does the beam need to be?

Wide beams will give a lot of light in a small area but will not be as good for distance; smaller beams will give a better long reaching light.  Some flashlights balance the two- giving ample light close and at a distance.  This type would be your more traditional everyday flashlight.

How Far does the beam need to reach?
Halogen and Xenon reach further than LED lights

Do you want batteries that are disposable or rechargeable?

Disposable batteries are alkaline or lithium and they are lower in initial cost than rechargeable batteries, they have longer run times and it’s easy to keep a spare battery on hand in case it is needed. Rechargeable batteries have a higher initial cost but are less expensive over the life of the flashlight.  A rechargeable battery will usually be brighter than a disposable battery and are ideal for frequent use.

If you choose disposable, do you want alkaline or lithium batteries?
Both types have a long storage life- usually about seven years for alkaline and 10 years for lithium. Lithium batteries have a higher cost than alkaline batteries but they will last longer.  Care must be taken with lithium batteries to reduce the risk of leakage.  You should not mix brands with lithium batteries and you should not use a combination of old and new batteries.
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