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Week of October 14, 2019

Hydration and Electrolyte Replacement in the Winter

Hydration is just as important in the winter as it is in the summer.  Realizing that you are dehydrated when it is cold outside is more of a challenge.  We perspire underneath the layers of clothing that keep us warm in the winter.  Perspiration is absorbed by our clothing and we think we sweat only when it is hot outside.  That is so far from the truth!  When in an industrial setting in the winter months we need to be more aware of hydration.  We tend to drink less and dehydration is less obvious.  We are more prone to accidents in the workplace while operating machinery or working at a job site when we are dehydrated.  Be aware of this possibility and remember that the temperature outside is not as important as the temperature inside of your body.  To combat dehydration, look at the All Natural Sword Electrolyte Replacement products here! 

Ventilation Fans for Confined Space

Employees working in confined space have hazards to contend with on a daily basis.  A ventilation fan is an important piece of equipment for these workers.  It will recirculate the air and keep temperatures lower which helps the comfort of the workers by making it much easier to breath.

A ventilation fan will bring air in from an area, compress it and then direct it to the confined space.  There are two types of fans that can be purchased, one will suction draft and the other will force ventilation.  The benefit of properly circulated air cannot be over- estimated especially when hazardous air is forced out of the area.

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