QR - Quick Relief Powder

QR Powder Bandage is primarily sold to Consumers, Healthcare Providers, Occupational Workplaces and Sports Teams to quickly aid in the event of cuts, lacerations and nosebleeds. QR Powder stops bleeding instantly and can be used for industrial use for cuts and lacerations and is becoming the new standard for the control of bleeding.  It is used in hospitals and is recommended by thousands of medical professionals.  Sports teams across America are using QR as the main bandage type in the event of a bleeding emergency.  It enables a team to administer "quick relief" and fast return to the game.

QR Powder
* Non-Toxic*
* Needs Blood to Work*
* Stops Bleeding Quickly*
* Adheres to Wound Tissue*
QR Powder
Stops Bleeding Instantly
Pays For Itself
Proven Te
QR Powder
* Used by Leading Hospitals*
* Used by Pro Sports Teams*
* Used in Occupational Workplaces*
* In Developement With US Military*