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Respirator Cartridges

Respiratory cartridges need to be specified to protect against the particulate threat.  Respirator cartridges protect against particulates, chemicals and vapors and some are manufactured to protect against a combination of these threats.   Below are different manufacturers' respiratory cartridges that can be used for half masks, a full face respirator and for dual airline respiratory systems.  The complete MSA Advantage line of particulate, chemical and combination cartridges are approved under 42 CFR Part 84 and are shown in detail.  In addition, the 3M Respirator Cartridges and respirator filters support all of the reusable 3M Respirators and 3M Airline Systems.  Also, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires fit tests to ensure proper fit for workers who use respirators.  The Department of Labor's OSHA Respirator Standard is important to review to ensure the protection of your workers.  To assist in choosing the proper respirator cartridges, click on the respirator selection charts below. 

 MSA Advantage Respirator Cartridge Chart    3M Cartridge & Filter Guide

MSA Advantage Respirator Cartridges
MSA Advantage Respirator Cartridges
North Cartridge NOS7582P100L
North Respirator Cartridge NOS7582P100L
North Respirator Cartridges
North Respirator Cartridges
Respirator Cartridges - 3M Respirator Cartridges, 3M Respirator Filters
Respirator Cartridges - 3M Respirator Cartridges, 3M Respirator Filters