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Week of April 22, 2019

Drones for military use are an effective means of surveilance of an area that is unsafe and also a great way to avoid casualties.  When it comes to OSHA, the use of drones is becoming more of a reality!  Initially they were being used following worksite accidents and for areas that were considered too dangerous to enter.  But now it is becoming an efficient way to scope out a facility for inspection.  Currently OSHA can only use drones when it is agreed to by the employer.  There is a fine line that OSHA or any organization should not cross so that its trade secrets cannot be compromised.  Unless an emergency warrants the use of a drone or an employer agrees to the use of a drone during an inspection, then that strategy should be acceptable.  Drone use is going to increase dramatically in the very near future.  It just depends on how far the reach goes.  When used as a helpful tool to help save lives and used as the first line of access to a hazardous situation, it can only benefit everyone.  But there needs to be a rules so that rights are not violated.  Read more in EHS Today about OSHA Drones.

Hearing Protection

Hearing Protection

Prevent permanent hearing loss from happening among your workers by supplying them with the proper hearing protection while on the clock!.

Hearing loss is a serious problem for workers in an industry that exposes them to unsafe noise levels. This is a very common work related hazard. Hearing loss is usually not sudden and can creep up on a you and you may not realize you a hearing loss until the damage is done. It is permanent and not reversible!

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OSHA Requires Hearing Protection at Certain Noise Levels
Wearing hearing protection can make this condition totally preventable. Sound energy doubles every 3dB (decibels). OSHA mandates that hearing protection is required over 90dB (decibels) and be made available at 85dB (decibels).

Both Loud Noise and Continuous Noise is a Hazard

It is not only noise levels that can damage hearing but also the duration of time that a worker is exposed to the noise. Hearing protection products should be worn to protect hearing and prevent hearing loss when a worker is exposed to loud, continuous noise.

Earplugs and Earmuffs
Hearing protection products are offered in many different styles including disposable ear plugs, re-usable ear plugs, ear muffs, ear muffs that attach to helmets with a variation of noise protection and much more.  
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