Hand Protection

Hand Protection - Work Gloves

In certain occupations such as construction, workers are exposed to hazards that can harm their hands. According to OSHA Standard 1910.138, an employer is responsible to select and require employees to use appropriate hand protection when employee's hands are exposed to hazards such as the absorption of harmful substances through the skin, severe cuts or lacerations, abrasions, punctures, burns, and severe exposure to extreme temperatures. Hand protection can have a signifcant impact on an employee's job performance considering most industrial jobs are done using the hands. Years ago, the design of hand protection gloves would interfere with a workers performance of certain tasks. Nowadays, there are many styles of safety gloves to choose from and they are specifically engineered to do a particular job with much more comfort than ever.

At Select Safety Sales, we offer a complete line of hand protection and work gloves for the industrial worker. We also provide gloves for other industries including workers in the medical field and laboratories.