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Lockout Tagout Kits, Centers & Pouches

Lockout Tagout Kits, Centers, Pouches and Stations Filled With Items to Keep Your Workplace Safe
Electrical and Mechanical energy can be hazardous if not handled correctly.  The unexpected release of this energy can be hazardous during the maintenance or servicing of equipment and machinery due to an unexpected start- up.  Our Lockout Tagout Kits and Pouches can be easily carried around so that employees are always prepared. Our Stations and Centers are filled with locks, tags and everything needed to keep equipment safe. If you need help with your purchase, use our online chat or call us at 866-864-3495


Lockout Kits
Lockout Kits
Lockout Pouches
Lockout Pouches
Lockout Stations
Lockout Stations

Electrical Switch Lockout Electrical Switch Lockout

Can be used on most mounted switches Easy to Install Lock can be locked in either "On" or "Off" position

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Large Plug Lockout Large Plug Lockout

Fits plug sizes up to 3" in dia. 5 1/2" long, and with a maximum cord diameter of 1 1/4"

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Regular Price: $20.08
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Loop n Lock Safety Tags Loop n Lock Safety Tags - 10/Pack

These Loop n Lock Tie Tags are self-locking tie strap and have an 8" long ribbed tie strap with a 50 lb pull strength rating and adjusts and locks for tight security. Only with excessive force or being cut off will they come apart. The 15 mil RP-Plastic tag measuring 5-7/8"

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Master Lock Safety Lockout Padlocks Master Lock Safety Lockout Padlocks

Master Lock Safety Lockout Padlocks are well known in the industry to be durable and reliable.  These locks are non-conductive and work in all types of conditions.  Locks are keyed differently unless specified to be keyed alike which is available.   &nb

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Regular Price: $17.95
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Multiple Entry Plug Lockout Multiple Entry Plug Lockout

Fits plug sizes up to 3" dia., 6 3/4" long, and with a maximum cord diameter of 1" Accepts 220 volt and 550 volt plugs

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Power Cord Safety Lockout Power Cord Safety Lockout

Solid connection to 2 or 3-prong power cords Ideal for industrial, office, and home use 

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Rotating Electrical Plug Lockouts Rotating Electrical Plug Lockouts

Protects against accidental reconnection Surrounds electrical plug Easy installation in tight places Outward/inward rotation LP487 fits plug sizes up to 2 1/4" dia. x 3 1/4" with cable dia. up to 3/4" LP488 fits plug siz

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Single Entry Plug Lockout Single Entry Plug Lockout

Fits plugs up to 1 1/3" in dia., 3 1/4" long, and with a maximum cord dia. of 1/2" Accepts 110 volts & certain models of 220 bolt plugs

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Regular Price: $15.92
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