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With Spring now going into full swing, we tend to exert more as we take on outdoor projects and resume outdoor exercise.  Begin slowly as your body needs to adjust to the increased stress.  This is also true for the work environment when working outdoors.  Watch for drastic changes in temperature and stay hydrated.

Personal Health Record | Medflash

MedFlash™ is not just your basic flash drive.  It is a revolutionary personal health record (PHR) safety device that can be carried in your pocket, purse or on your keychain.  MedFlash enables a person to store their personal health record and medical information on a single flash drive.  MedFlash has, in one year's time, established itself as the standard and industry leader in the personnel health record marketplace. 

It connects to a web portal and a 24/7 emergency call center.  MedFlash™ comes with a user-friendly program that will quickly allow anyone to enter and upload critical personal health record (PHR) history such as doctor information and lifestyle information into an online data file and flash drive.  MedFlash is offered as 1GB consumer product.  The first years subsription is included and is renewable annually.
    • Can Be Used on Any Windows Based Computer
    • Provides Personal Health Record Information in a Flash
    • Easy to Update PHR Information
    • Password Protected
    • Storage of Prescription Information
    • Can be a Lifesaver in Remote Locations
    • Medflash Offers 1GB of Storage Space

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How Med-Flash can Save Lives

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MedFlash  Flash Drive | Medical Information Storage

MedFlash Medical Flash Drive

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